shrek is the god of self confidence

is that eric


current mood: oprah running on hot coals


why does everyone take things so seriously no ones actually fighting this is for shits and giggles

blogs that come out of their 7 month hibernation from the dance moms fandom and return to cause dance moms fandom drama :)))))))))

Anonymous asked:
Are Eric and Giana legit fighting?


im so confused

NO omg i dont think so?? we do this all the time lmao

Anonymous asked:
whats wrong?



everytime i breathe my lungs literally make a whining noise and im wheezing 

Oh, you’re “whistling.” Your lungs are, anyway. I completely understand, I suffer from asthma, too. ): 

Did you take an inhaler or a treatment?? Don’t let it escalate! 

no i cant do treatment because it makes a loud noise and my family is sleeping lol :/ (besides the fact it makes my heart beat through my chest and i wouldnt be able to sleep tonight)

also have no clue where my inhaler as because i haven’t used it since february but i’ll look

thank you :)

being able to not breathe sucks

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giana make up some

bitch i cant who do i look like to you

u look like a fucking weak bitch cause you can’t make shit up

eric YOURE the weak bitch here tryin bring back opinion night we’ve had our fun the dog days are over think of something else to do do confessions or something idk

no bitch I didn’t see a copyright

make something up